Craftsmanship and technology working in harmony

There’s often discussion about the threat of robots replacing traditional manual labour – but here at Astra Signs, we believe the best results come from hands-on experts and world-class technology working together.

Our skilled team injects flair, creativity and first-class workmanship into every signage project we undertake, while being ably supported by cutting-edge machines and systems.

man operating a large-format printerClose up of milling machine working on metal

Pantone matching colour systemFrom constructing neon signage to laser-cutting and spray painting, our craftspeople love what they do and take care over every little detail. Meanwhile, our digital printers can cope with huge volumes and large-scale signage for a massive variety of uses.

We’re also excited about our growing work in the digital signage arena, incorporating video walls, touchscreens, wifi and lots more – all services and tools which are dependent on the exciting relationship between man and machine.

Two men working on an intricate neon sign

Our extensive practical and technological resources are especially important when handling bespoke signage requirements, whether producing set pieces for pop concerts or a piece of illuminated art for a private home.

Want to know more about our workshops and what they can produce? Get in touch with Astra’s specialists, as we can advise you about any signage you need.

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