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Be dynamic with printed fabric graphics

Did you know our signage services include lightbox systems and printed fabric graphics?

When you think of sign-making services, these might not immediately occur to you, but they’re actually one of our favourite ways of helping our clients promote their products and services – and can also be used for decoration. 


How are they used?

Fabric graphics and lightbox displays are popular in retail and hospitality outlets, but can also have many other uses, from large outdoor signs to trade shows or even art installations in the home. They can also produce an acoustic dampening effect – for example, to reduce and soften environmental noise for diners in a restaurant, especially if there’s a shortage of other soft furnishings. 


How are they made?

Designs are printed on to hardwearing fabric, which is then stretched onto strong frames. The fabric is available in lengths up to 5.80m and can be cut to the size you need, or extended with additional panels. A frame-and-lock system means they’re quick to assemble and adjust to your bespoke signage requirements


What are the benefits?

Printed fabric graphics don’t only look great – with a high-quality, textured colour finish – but they’re also environmentally friendly, as no plastic is used. Instead, the frames are made from lightweight aluminum – meaning they’re also cost-effective to transport, with a low risk of damage. They’re extremely flexible, both in size and use, and the frames can be reused and easily transformed when a new design or display is needed. 

To discover more about printed fabric graphic and lightbox systems, get in touch with Astra’s specialists for a chat.

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