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Bank Fashion for JD Sports Fashion

What was the client's requirement?

Bank Fashion is a nationwide brand owned by JD Sports Fashion that has stores across the UK on the high street and in shopping centres in almost every town and City Centre. The company required an innovative and distinctive approach to a signage solution for a brand new, concept store in Plymouth Drake Circus that was engaging and appeals to the brand's young, affluent, fashionable target market.

What was delivered?

Astra Signs was involved from the concept stage of this exciting project having successfully tendered for the work.

Working from a design we produced a series of solutions that would align to the brief, budget and defined target market.

image 1-lowres

The chosen concept involved a bespoke lettering solution that was distinctive and at the cutting edge of fashion, as well as being robust and easy to maintain. An innovative series of individual, bespoke letters were cut from different materials to produce an interesting three-dimensional effect that has never been seen before in a retail setting.

The requirement for a slatted type letter with even light distribution was challenging, LED technology evolves at a fast pace however uniformity of colour sometimes is difficult to achieve, we found that purchasing in batches and quality checking wattage was required to overcome this.

Using a bright white LED ribbon solution we carefully placed a strip behind each strip onto a heat dispersing aluminium letter shape – slightly away from the acrylic letter using a small spacer of 5mm.

Image 3- lowres

Each letter was supplied with a dimmer to control the luminance in daylight/ mall environments. 19mm cast acrylic was cut individually into a slat then masked leaving the edges exposed, which were subject to fine sandblasting achieving a uniform matted finish, this was an important factor as the lighting placed behind each slat reflected back evenly rather than dispersing out of the face unevenly.

image 6 - lowres

image 8 - lowres

Each slat was bonded to a 19mm rebated back letter ensuring each component was at true 90degree angles.

Image 4 - lowres

We then applied an opaque film in between each slat so that the illumination only filtered through the clear areas giving the desired effect. The completed letter and wiring was housed in a mirror polished stainless steel and suspended using a folded steel plate with welded nuts.

We are very proud to have produced the inventive solution which reflects the brief supplied and one that will assist Bank Fashion stand out against its competitors.

finished job

How did we exceed the client's expectations?

Astra Signs went above and beyond to produce a spectacular, new signage solution that incorporated a number of different materials to produce the desired effect. Bank Fashion is now considering using this concept signage in all its flagship Stores across the UK.

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